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How to construct

How to construct

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How to construct
1 keep the surface dry, remove impurities and harmful substances on the surface.
2apply the polymer mortar for the first time, the scraping area should be slightly larger than the length or width of the fiber glass mesh, all the thickness should be 2mm uniformly
3scraping the polymer mortar, put the mesh cloth on the top of wall, the surface of the mesh cloth face to the wall, construction smear from the central to the surrounding;
4embedded mesh into mortar, keep the entire fiber glass mesh of wrinkle free, until the surface is dry apply the polymer mortar for the second time, thickness is 1mm. To ensure fiberglass mesh does not leak.
5the door and the four corners to the standard network construction is completed, then placed the corner , protection network to prevent collision;
6to prevent the rain erosion or impact of fiber glass construction, protection layer within 4 hours from the rain.
DownThe Mesh Size of Fiberglass Mesh
UpThe sizing glue for fiberglass mesh