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The sizing glue for fiberglass mesh

The sizing glue for fiberglass mesh

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The sizing glue for fiberglass mesh
The sizing glue for fiberglass mesh have  a wide variety in the market, generally can be divided into UF glue and latex glue.
UF glue fiberglass mesh, its straight surface, hard and brittle, easily broken. And touch will prick the hand by hand. The latex glue fiberglass mesh, its surface shape soft, very flexible, hands touch smooth and neat, and it is not easy to be broken. Both are common exterior wall insulation product. Relatively speaking, latex glue fiberglass mesh is better than UF glue fiberglass mesh, our factory can produce 1-2.6m fiberglass mesh. For the weight of fiberglass mesh, whether you use any glue is no change of the weight. For example, 90g/m2 fiberglass mesh, whether UF glue or latex glue, the weight per square meter still is 90 gram.
Therefore, as long as customers acquire the above knowledge will be a great help when you order the fiberglass mesh products, not be deceived by dealers. We will provide customers with product inspection report and the certificate of quality, product absolutely no problem, please rest assured purchase, welcome the domestic and foreign customer to visit our factory.
Note: UF glue, urea formaldehyde, also called urea-formaldehyde resin.

          Latex glue, acrylic emulsion

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